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Better Make Room

Better Make Room—and headlines.

The United States had recently plummeted in world ranking of percentage of kids transitioning into higher education. Heading up the charge, Michelle Obama and her team built a coalition of educators, community/business leaders, government programs, and celebrities to empower young people in striving for higher educational achievement—especially those 16- and 17-year-olds that never thought that higher education was a viable option for them. And to circle the wagons around one theme, the idea of Better Make Room was created. Everybody deserves a seat at the table.

Turning words into story.

The charge for us was to help create a campaign that not only spoke directly to young people but generated authentic excitement around the power of education. From Funny or Die Studios in Hollywood to the White House to the 369th Armory in Harlem with MTV, we travelled the nation scripting and building content for our campaign which we then crafted into powerful spots—with a powerful message.
Robert DeNiro in a suit with the words better make room.
Start where you are.
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Better Make Room

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G&A Partners

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