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For over 160 years, GD Energy Products has been the gold standard in quality, craftsmanship, and support for their world-class petroleum and industrial pumps. Every day, all around the world, their pumps perform on demand and take a beating like no other. We have been working with GDEP for over 8 years in helping to tell their one-of-a-kind story. From complete rebrands to day-to-day support and strategy, we’re with them every step of the way—not to mention, their biggest fans.
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GDEP is a kind and humble brand. They always have been. However, we believe they have a lot to brag about. In giving their brand a fresh look, we wanted to convey the same respectful confidence in their messaging as the confidence their customers feel by having them on the job. When we rebranded their company in 2021, this was the muster point for which all messaging was created. Reinforcing their unrivaled attention to quality, industry-changing legacy, and hyper-attentive dedication to supporting their customers. Master craftsmanship. Innovative engineering. Rugged as the day is long. All wrapped in a helpful, empathetic wrapper that focuses on ultimate customer success.
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GD Energy Products