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Since 2009, ELL has helped brands, large and small, global and local, discover three things: a new way to sing their song, a passionate spark in doing it, and an audience that is ready to sing along.

Traditionally, and unfortunately, brand partnerships start as inauthentic speed-dating, a “are you hot or not” cursory vetting (the agency pitch), immediately evolving into a deep marriage—with exes, dirty closets, burnt dinners and in-laws. On the contrary, most of our new brand relationships have come from make-you-blush, client recommendations (which is the way we want it).
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We want to remind you that work can be fun.

We like to chalk it up to the fact we are not a traditional agency in many ways. From the client relationship side, we are loyal to a fault. We are a pick you up at the airport at midnight, help you move because we have a truck, rush home from vacation to sit by your hospital bed type of agency.

We love exploring the road not taken.

From the work product side, we are a thoroughly creative-driven agency. Every strategist, media buyer, account executive, and human in our agency is creative. We encourage unconventional thought and approach. We celebrate the originality and quality in the work we do.
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“The__________ Agency” for a reason.

Whereas some may see that as non-committal, we see it as the ultimate commitment to the limitlessness of creative problem-solving. No two approaches are the same. No two relationships can be the same. Sameness doesn’t sell tickets to your show.

Now, let’s fire up the amps.
Let’s sing some songs.
Let’s melt some faces.

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The Arsenal

Brand Development
Persona Development
Core Messaging & Targeting
Annual Planning
Analytics & Optimization
Marketing Strategy
Audience Segmentation
Business Strategy Alignment
Annual Planning
Analytics & Optimization
Campaign Development
Campaign Strategy
Creative Concept
Media Plan & Buying
Asset Production
Campaign Execution
Analytics & Optimization
Content Strategy & Writing
UX Design
Analytics & Optimization
Hosting & Maintenance
Scriptwriting & Storyboarding
Full Production Services
Turnkey Video Production
2D & 3D Animation
Creative Production
Strategic Concepting
Art Direction & Graphic Design
Copywriting & Content Development
3D Modeling
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