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As a dedicated working division, ELL Films® is a combination of a live action film studio and production team with an on-staff motion and post-production unit. From turnkey 3D design and motion to the ability to film anywhere and everywhere in the world to still photography, ELL Films® brings a full-line of award-winning, digital production in-house—something that most traditional agencies outsource. And to be clear, our team of animation and film professionals have been hand-curated from the best and the brightest with the majority having been with the division for more than half that time. No scrubs. No nephews.

Shooting and Video Production.

Knowing that most clients don’t work within the video space every day, the film production side of ELL Films® creating emotive, informative, and inspiring work, is to make the video production process fun and transparent. From scriptwriting to storyboards to production and post, we bring our clients along on the journey and set and meet expectations every step of the way. That’s to say, we don’t ever try to bury what we’re doing in unexplained jargon and industry-speak in order to confuse our clients into silence (believe us, that happens way too often in this industry).
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Concepting, Scriptwriting & Storyboarding
Full Pre-Production & Line Production Services
Map Pin
Location & Casting Services
Art Department & Special Effects
Video Camera
Video Production
Photo Camera
Still Photography & Retouching
Original Music Scoring
Sound Wave
Audio Recording & Sound Design
Full Video Post-Production & Finishing

2D/3D Motion Graphics

The Motion Graphics component of ELL Films® is comprised of some of the region’s best motion designers. Our goal from the very start is to concept, cultivate, and create the most intriguing and visually stunning pieces—never letting technology stand in the way of a great idea. From full 2D/3D motion projects to hybrid projects that combine live action and motion together, this team can take projects from ideation to final pass without ever having to outsource a single component. Not to mention, they’re really fun to work with.
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Concepting & Storyboarding
3D Cubes
Modeling, Texturing & Lighting
Camera & Animation
Magic Wand
Compositing, Integration & Effects
Audio Recording & Sound Design
File & Rendering Farm Management
Closed Captioning
Versioning & Closed Captions
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